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I bridge the gap between long term strategy and operations and by doing so solve problems now and prevent issues in the future. 

Every time a plane takes off, the flight attendant instructs "If you are traveling with a child or someone who requires assistance, secure your mask on first, and then assist the other person." Why is this instruction necessary? Because helping yourself before someone else in need is against everything our brains tell us to do in that situation. However, in this instance, it is exactly what needs to be done. The same goes for business. A business, especially a scaling business, needs to look at decisions today in the light of what those decisions will do to the strategy, culture, and scalability of the firm in the long run. That is what I help a company achieve. I have witnessed the fallout of short term goals driving long term strategy and it isn't pretty.

Using strategic logic and critical thinking, I help a company see what should work best for the company now and in the long run and build scalable systems that support those goals. 

My underlying driving principle is that an ownership spirit is integral to success in any position. One must believe that what they do matters. They must treat the organization for which they work as if it were their own. This is the attitude I adopt and attempt to instill in my team.

I thoroughly enjoy solving problems. I view the world as a series of interdependent systems.  I quickly observe and process seemingly disparate pieces of information to formulate a cohesive plan of action.  I can look past chaos to see the single thread that will unravel a complex problem.  This also translates into an ability to foresee potential pitfalls in complex plans.  In both cases, this view allows me to rapidly devise actionable strategies to resolve or prevent complications when making decisions.

I can make things understandable to people.  My penchant to see past chaos also allows me to translate complicated procedures into relatable terms.

I love to challenge myself.  I regularly participate in courses ranging from business, to mathematics, to history just to push myself outside of my comfort zone.  I have completed 6 triathlons, 1 marathon, and numerous other running events ranging from 5k to 10 miles.  

I thank you for taking the time to visit my site.  Please feel free to use the form on the Contact page to send me a message or use the contact information listed below to contact me.


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Email: Len@LenMusielak.com
Tel: (312)772-5361
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